Bronze Tile Finish Options – Which One is Right for You?

Which Bronze Finish is Right for You?

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Why Choose Solid Bronze Tiles?

Why Solid Bronze Tiles?

Bronze Statue

The durability of solid bronze can still be seen in ancient works.

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There are a lot of metallic-looking tiles on the market.  While they may look the same at first glance, the differences are like night and day.

Solid Bronze – Saint-Gaudens Metal Arts Bronze tiles are cast in a foundry from molten bronze.  They are bronze through and through. Like 3,000 year-old sculptures, they are eternal. You can tell solid bronze by how heavy it feels in your hand. They are hand painted and polished.  Bronze has no installation limitations – tiles can be walked-on, placed near hot stoves or fireplaces, used outdoors, used in showers or around pools, or even endure a hurricane (this happened to a customer in Florida – they were pulled out of the rubble and re-used); and they will always look good.

Solid Metal – other metals – Other metals and alloys are used to cast solid metal tiles.  Among them are aluminum and pewter.  Aluminum is very corrosive when exposed to moisture, and will develop a powdery white coating. While being flexible, aluminum is also soft and can not be used in the wide range of applications bronze can. Pewter is a soft metal, easy to cast and finish cheaply, but unlike bronze is not advisable for use in floors or any other surface where it will be touched frequently. Of the countless alloys and other metals used in tile very few, if any, will stand the test of time like bronze.

Plated Metal – A tile can be marketed as solid metal when it is actually a base (cheaper) metal with plating on top. This is the most common solid metal tile on the market. Base metal, commonly known as “Pot Metal,” is soft, like lead, and cheaper to cast and finish. They are plated with very thin layers of nickel, copper, brass, etc, and are usually coated with a shiny sealer.  The problem with these tiles is that they can bend and break very easily.  When bent, the plating cracks and peels off. If cleaned with an abrasive cleaner, the thin plating wears off. For this reason, they can’t be used in the floor. You can tell plated metal tile by its lighter weight, and shiny, costume-jewelry like finish.

A note about copper: Copper isn’t castable, so you will never see cast solid copper tiles.  A copper color can only be obtained by: plating over pot metal; mixing it with resin (see below); or wrapping thin sheets of copper over a rigid base form.

Metal Coated Tiles – A tile design is molded and cast in plastic. They are then spray-painted with a mixture of resin and powdered metals.  Several metal colors are obtainable using this method.  Because the sprayed-on coating is very thick compared to plating, detail in these tiles is often lost. Because these are only coated, finishes can peel off and tiles can warp near heat.

Metalized Resin – This is a proprietary method of pouring resin mixed with powdered metal into a mold. The resulting tile is resin-based throughout. They are lightweight, and can warp around high BTU cook tops or fireplaces.

Ceramic Metal Glazes – Regular ceramic tiles are fired with glazes that look like metal but have no real metal in them. Along with all ceramic tile chipping is the most common problem, along with abrasion if walked on, and loss of finish.

This post was taken from our FAQ page. Click the link for more info. Thanks!

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Tips For Buying The Best Door Knobs

When was the last time you changed the locks on your front door? What about changing locks or door knobs on any of the interior rooms around the house? How much did it cost? Were you satisfied with the results? Were you ever visited by a burglar and had valuable things stolen from you? Did you take any special security measures to boost the level of protection on your property? How did that work out for you?

Why Door Handles Hardware Is More Important Than You Think

Door hardware is an essential extension of any home, and picking the most suitable handles and locks for your doors will not only give your home a fresh look, but even boost its value by up to 10%. According to the so-called 'first perception' phenomena, 80 percent of potential home buyers already know if the property they are visiting is the right one for them as soon as they walk in. Just like the eyes are the windows to the soul, the entryway to a home is a window to the soul of what is found inside. With that in mind, it is safe to say that the door handle is the nexus between a physical experience combined with your all of your senses. The door handle does not only have to turn into a work of art that adds to the aesthetics of a home, but it should also represent security and the right functions.locksmiths install door knobs and locks

Why Should You Upgrade Your Door Handles?

Not only will you add more value to your home in case you plan on selling it in the near future, but you can also enjoy the aesthetics of your home more. Sure you can visually admire the exterior of your beautiful house from a distance; but you can physically touch the handle on your front door. And the sense of touch always has an advantage over other senses. You can feel the design and hand finishes and experience part of the designer's spirit.

Why You Need A Good Door Upgrade Plan

If you are eager to know what your options are in terms of door hardware, you can start by getting in touch with your local locksmith and asking them about their locksmiths prices for new door knobs, handles, and locks.

A plan that is well thought out and put into practice with the help of a professional locksmith with experience in the field will yield much better results. Here are a few of the aspects you will need to consider when making your decisions:

  • the style of the door knobs and the level of security on your front entrance;

  • the model of the handle and the function of the door, together with the setup of the door;

  • the finish of the door handle and the necessary care and maintenance;

  • the complexity of the installation process, and the needed door accessories, and, of course, the budget you are willing to spend.

A locksmith who is experienced enough will be able to recommend the best mortice or deadbolt locks for your entryways, as they can provide enhanced security for your door. If you are thinking about replacing the locks and entry sets on your doors, you can opt between mortice and tubular locks. There are however plenty of locksmiths who recommend the use of deadbolts added to existing sets of locks. Depending on the type of door and locks you have installed, you can opt between door knobs and door levers that are simpler to use by people with physical disabilities.

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