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Home is the best and only one place where you want to spend your time with your beloved ones. That’s why home means so much to every one of us. We want to take care of our home, we want to make it become a perfect place on Earth, which is what causes us to spend days and days to choose the best furniture style, home interior style, and home decor.

When it comes to home decor, everyone has their own rules and principles, but one thing is common to all people in the world: home decor has to reflect the homeowner’s personality.

Ever Thought To Mix Up Metals?

Once you have defined your ideal home furniture style, it’s time for you to focus on what home decors you prefer the most. There are many home decor ideas and you might find them all useful to get to understand what your home decor style has to look like. However, today’s variety of home decors might also get you confused about materials, colors or styles.

Metals are an important part when it comes to home decor. But the point here is “what metals should I choose?”. That’s actually a very good question and what matters is that there’s not one answer to it.

Everyone of us can have personal ideas about the best metals to choose for a unique and amazing home decor style. Bronze is one of the most chosen metals since forever. It’s elegant, solid, resistant and it can be processed in different ways, so it’s really a very good metal to use for different home decor style.

Along with bronze, gold and silver play also a very important role in home decor style. However, gold and silver are more expensive than bronze – that’s why bronze is the most chosen metal. The fact is that there’s not a fixed rule and you can decide to mix different metal finishes as you prefer. The two most common metal finishes are:

  • Brushed stainless steel
  • Hammered copper

Anyway, there are also more types of metal finishes on the market.

Add Decorative Metal Elements To Your Home’s Design

When it comes to metal finishes, you have plenty of choice about how to add small metal details to your home furniture style. Metal finishes don’t aim to change or to alternate your furniture style, they simply add something more making your style completed. Here is a bunch of practical nice ideas for you:

  • Buy a decorative art piece with a metal finish. For example, a mirror in a metal frame will be useful to add more light to a room and to make it look somehow “larger” than it actually is.
  • If you are interested in mixing different metals, you’d better follow some esthetical principles. For example, if you mix cold and warm colored metals, make sure to choose one main color and one accent color. If you want a warm color to be your main color, add a cold color as your accent color and vice versa. This way you will give your metal finish a sense of balance.
  • As to metals, there are warm, cold and neutral colors that you can choose. Warm colored metals are brass, copper, and gold. Cold colored metals are silver, aluminum, stainless steel. Neutral colored metals are cast iron and black metals.
  • Once you’ve made your mind about what metals to choose for your home decor, make sure to select your style as well. Try to match the metal finish style to your home furniture style to have a balanced result. Most common home decor styles include antiqued style (it looks like worn over time, you can match it to traditional and classic home design styles), brushed style (it gives a sense of smoothness, it looks great with modern design styles), hammered style (it’s very nice for a vintage and rustic furniture style), polished style (it looks like a mirror, it adds light to your furniture style and it’s perfect for minimalist styles).

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