Designing your perfect home is quite an exciting undertaking. You can’t really launch yourself into it without doing your due diligence, and even then, there seem to be so many things that you may be overlooking.

For example, what kind of home do you want to have? Is it going to be an apartment or is it going to be a house on the fringes of the city? Are you going to go for an open layout building or are you rather going to opt for a more “secure” type of building, hunkering down against burglars and prying eyes?

Some people love the idea of being eco-friendly and they seek to make sure that they slash their energy consumption by designing smart homes that allow you to keep your house warm in winter without unnecessary electricity consumption. To each their own.

Designing Your Perfect Home – What Comes First?

Let’s assume that you are into Eco-friendly solutions. Now, your go-to response would be solar panels, but the truth is solar panels can be very wasteful compared to traditional ways of producing electricity.

To avoid waste, many people have realized that building homes that are Eco-friendly means building good insulation and making sure that the energy efficiency of your house is quite substantial.

A home plant in an Eco-friendly house.

By taking some simple steps, such as paying a little more for your windows and installing the proper insulation, you will see the house temperature go up a bit in winter and still be cool in summer. You can always rely on soft rugs and padding for your floor and this way you will add still another degree in winter.

Before long, you can end up increasing the room temperature by 20 degrees without actually spending a single dime. But energy efficiency is not just about not switching on the heating. It’s all about making sure that heat is having a very difficult time getting away in the first place.

Make Sure Everything Is Sealed Off

To get the best results, you will have to ensure that your house is sealed off properly. You don’t want any cracks in your windows. Many people ignore their locks and doors, but this is somewhat of a mistake. A good locksmith would always be able to help you with your doors and make sure that the temperature in your house stays optimal.

You can rely on a regular and emergency locksmith to help you turn your house into a well-acclimatized place where you can enjoy warm winters. Install extra windows and doors is also a good idea to create a sort of natural isolation and once again, the services of a locksmith will be highly appreciated.

Designing a house with the idea of keeping things warm is not too difficult and you can really get to the point where your house is a small warm castle in the winter.

Does the Interior Determine How Warm Your House Is?

The short answer here is yes. By installing rugs, curtains, carpets and making sure that the places where you spend the most time are not in the way of the draft and far from the outer walls, you will always have your house. Plus, you should consider wearing warm clothes even at home. This is another trick to be warm. The room temperature can be regulated with a very minimum effort, which will be thanks to the great insulation you have.

Some people go for terracotta tiles, but others appreciate having wood tiles which means that you will add another few degrees. Scandinavian countries are a perfect example of how you can design great interior and create opportunities to live in a house that is far warmer than many of your neighbors.

Of course, to some, your obsessions with keeping everything warm can be a little bit too much. But since you are the one footing the bill, having a place that is really warm is really the best way to go. After all, you will want to make sure that everything around your house is cozy. What better way to make things cozy other than having a fantastic and warm place at home?

Remember, though, that the abundant use of carpets and rugs will open up way more work for you when it comes down to cleaning, so this should also be a consideration.

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