Where can I use Bronze Tile?

Bronze Tile Use

Saint-Gaudens Bronze Tile is SOLID bronze. It can be used anywhere – floors, walls, outdoors, showers, pools… It will never chip, peel or warp.  Installed in floors, it only gets prettier the more it is walked upon. You can use it outdoors and nature will take over, painting Silicon Bronze (golden bronze) with a beautiful verdigris patina. In pools, the verdigris process is sped up by the chemicals used in pool water.  While our Silvertone metal (Nickel Bronze) will not darken unless exposed to harsh chemicals, Silicon Bronze will darken with time, and can be brightened (see Care). Over a high BTU cooktop, bronze will never warp or peel because it is pure metal with a melting point far, far above what you will find in a home.

Bronze tile is as timeless as ancient bronze sculptures that have remained unchanged for thousands of years. Solid eternal bronze is a choice you will always feel good about making.

All our Bronze tiles have been patinaed, hand-polished,  and sealed with a durable lacquer sealer.

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