Other Frequently Asked Questions

What is my Lead Time?
We try to make the ordering process as seamless as possible. When possible we ship the same day or next day. Out of stock and special order products usually  ship within 3-4 weeks. Contact your local Saint-Gaudens distributor for more details.

What are my installation limits?
There are basically no limits.  Bronze is very durable. Use bronze tiles in walls and floors, and in wet or dry areas.  Bronze only looks more beautiful as it is walked on.

Bronze can be installed inside and outside. Outside installation will change the finish depending on the weather conditions in your area. Silvertone (White Bronze) is much more stable than regular bronze, and will only darken in extreme conditions.

Is there maintenance required?
Yes, there is maintenance required, but it is minimal. The simplest way to clean your bronze tiles is with a soft cloth or toothbrush sprayed with Pledge furniture polish. Buff to restore the luster. Occasionally you may want to reseal your tiles with a clear wax such as Johnson’s Paste Wax to slow the natural aging process of the finish. Bronze that has aged naturally can be re-polished and sealed – see below “My tiles have darkened, what can I do?” Reseal your tiles more often if the tiles are regularly exposed to moisture or you live near the ocean or in a high humidity area.
Note: Do not use grout cleaners on bronze tiles. Grout cleaners contain strong acids which will change the color and finish.

My tiles look different than the samples at the store, why is that?
A slight variation in patina color is a natural result of the patina process and all of the tiles are finished individually by hand.  Additionally, older samples will be a deeper bronze color than your newer tiles, which will deepen in color with time.

Why do my tiles look different than when they were installed?
Silicon (golden) bronze will develop a deeper bronze color with time, and when used outdoors, will darken faster, as would a bronze sculpture.

My bronze tiles have darkened, what can I do?
If your tiles become darker than you would like, polish them with a mild green Scotchbrite pad – 3M only, from any grocery or hardware store (not the kind with a sponge on one side).This may take some effort because you must polish through the enamel sealer.

Note for Envi Bright Bronze/Silvetone tiles ONLY: After removing tarnish and sealer with Scotchbrite, restore the brilliant luster with Nevr-Dull metal polish (available at most hardware or automotive parts stores).

Note: Do not touch the tiles with your bare hands after you’ve used Scotchbrite; you will leave fingerprints. After achieving the desired color, apply a coat of Johnson’s Paste Wax or any high quality clear paste wax and buff with a soft dry cloth. Silvertone (Nickel Bronze) will not darken unless exposed to harsh chemicals.

What will happen if I install bronze tiles in or around my shower, bathroom or pool?
Installing Bronze in areas where they are constantly exposed to water will quicken the natural aging process of the finish. Resealing at regular intervals with Johnson’s paste wax will slow this process.  See above: “My bronze tiles have darkened, what can I do?”
Silvertone (nickel bronze) will darken only slightly in showers.

What kind of sealer should I use?
We recommend Johnson’s Paste Wax or any high quality clear paste wax. Johnson’s Paste Wax should be found in hardware stores in the paint section with stains, shellac, and other finishes.

What does the sealer do, and when should I use it?
The sealer acts as a barrier between your bronze tile and moisture or anything else that may darken the bronze. We recommend resealing once or twice a year. If you live in a humid area or near the ocean you may want to seal more often.  If the bronze has darkened more than you like, polish before re-sealing with an all green Scotch Brite pad.

Do you have Pewter?
No, we do not use pewter.  Pewter is a soft metal and should not be used in floors.  Bronze is very hard – perfect for floors or behind cook tops.  Our white bronze (Silvertone) is a nickel color, similar to pewter.

Can I use jeweled tiles in my floor?
We don’t recommend it. Our epoxy is extremely strong, but jewels will scratch and can be kicked off.  Save the jewels for the walls.

How do I install the Oak Tree Plaque?
The Oak Tree Plaque weighs 23 lbs. The best way to mount the tile is to first mortar it to a piece of hardy backer board that is larger than the plaque. Allow the mortar to dry at least 24 hours. Then use screws to mount the backer board and Oak tree onto the wall studs as an assembly. Hardy backer board is basically concrete and fiberglass – very sturdy.

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