Tiles make for wonderful decorations in any home. The key is to use decorative tile appropriately.  Decorative tiles can set the entire mood for a room, drawing the eye and giving you inspiration for how the rest of the room ought to be decorated.

Choosing Your Tile

Bronze tiles are one such example. Bronze tiles are very popular centerpieces. These tiles can be integrated into modern decor particularly for kitchens and bathrooms were they become the focal point that draws the eye. When you have selected the bronze tile you want to be this focal point, all the other tiles can be complementary in color or design but are typically plain, specifically to draw attention to the detail and artistic handiwork that you find in bronze tiles.

bronze tiles

Bronze tiles can be used for the entire background to the kitchen backsplash, decorating the middle of your bathroom wall in between larger tiles and paint, and much more. Bronze tile with indentations on top make for significantly more unique pieces as they are typically somewhat three dimensional with a symbol like a fleur-de-lis physically imprinted so that it sticks out ever so slightly from the rest of the wall. 

Three dimensional tile ideas don’t stop there. With bronze tiles you can get scallops or scales which take on a different shape than the traditional square tile. Scales are very popular in bathrooms because they mimic that of underwater sea life and fish in particular with rounded tile that lay atop one another the same way scales lay atop one another. What’s more, you can purchase these scales in a multitude of colors running the gambit between different shades of bronze, maybe with teal highlights or white yellow accents thrown in between.


When you order the majority of your tiles they will come especially smaller tiles like the scales in the form of a sheet. There is a type of plastic netting on the back to which the smaller tiles are affixed in a pattern. If you are going to cover a large section you have to purchase multiple sheets. There is a small space in between each of the rows or columns and that helps you to customize the installation.

If, for example, you ordered 20 sheets of bronze tiles that are each about one inch wide and half an inch tall but have different shades of bronze for every other tile before repeating the pattern, you can place the sheets where you want them on the wall and then cut the rubber or plastic matting behind the sheet where you want the rows to end. This helps you to cut the miniature tiles around the shape of a large bronze tile that is your centerpiece especially if you want to tilt the bronze tile so that your decorative piece is in a diamond shape rather than a regular square. 

When it comes to cleaning you have to be vigilant especially in a kitchen or bathroom. Whether you have the bronze tiles for your flooring or your walls, be advised that allowing dirt or grime to accumulate on top of the tile takes away the shine that bronze tiles naturally have. It also eventually wears away at the grout  between the tiles. Regular sweeping and wiping clean with a damp cloth or a mop can go a long way toward keeping your bronze tiles beautiful.

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