If you are planning on having your bathroom redesigned, your first thought probably goes to getting rid of that dull tile and having those broken light fixtures replaced. Maybe your shower cabin could also use some TLC and the same goes for your chapped sink. However, the type of accessories you will choose for your bathroom will make all the difference when it comes to setting the desired tone for this particular room. If you are in love with warm metal accessories, the Saint-Gaudens bronze tile, and bronze accessories will most definitely be to your liking. Of course, no one will prevent you from adding gorgeous wood accents and even plastic items; however, keep in mind plastic may look cheap, while wooden accessories will need to be properly sealed to prevent moist from ruining the furniture.

Bronze Accents And Minimalistic Bathrooms

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If you plan on redesigning your bathroom using modern-day or minimalistic elements, you could consider bronze and other similar warm metals for the accessories. Copper and gold will work great in any neutral space while adding a spark that your minimalistic bathroom might lack. If you live in a mid-century house, you are probably looking for some timeless accessories, and bronze accents will make your dream come true. If your bathroom is simply too monotone, you should add some copper or bronze accessories to it or mix bronze accessories and fixtures with a simple, yet elegant black-on-white design. You will manage to draw all the attention on the space.

Anything from your towel rings to the towel bars, soap dispenser, and toothbrush holder will represent the perfect opportunity for you to put your design ideas into practice. Opt for bronze tissue paper holders, shower curtain rods or cabinet handles and talk to a local locksmith company in town and ask them to fit some new bronze locks on your medicine cabinet and drawers. If you do not know any good lock technicians in your area, you can visit the site of the Get Locksmith company and rely on their authorized and experienced services for the best results. Your bathroom cabinets should not only be spacious enough to store all your prescription and non-prescription drugs, but it should also be accurately secured against unauthorized access from young children, curious teens, and home guests. Home burglars could also be tempted to break into your bathroom cabinet provided they would receive a tip that you are storing legal narcotics to treat a health condition. Besides the aesthetics factor, you should also consider opting for a lockbox or a sturdy lock pr padlock on your cabinet for enhanced security.

Use Statement Pieces

  • These accessories will give you the inspiration you need when it comes to redesigning your bathroom. Build around a bronze statement piece and pick put the most suitable accessories to go with it. For example, opt for a bronze faucet and check out the rest of the items that would best go with it.
  • Steer clear from making the mistake of turning everything in your bathroom into the chosen accent color. You should make it stand out and play the role of a nice contrast instead of having everything blend in. Use neutral colors such as wood or white along with your bronze statement item or opt for a more minimalistic approach as your base instead. You can go online and use the thousands of inspiring bathroom décor pictures you can find at a click of a button https://www.authorizedlocksmiths.com/car-locksmith.
  • Warm metals like bronze are on high demand right now, and copper faucets or gold cabinet handles could be just as successful. It all depends on your taste and preferences and the style you are aiming for. Anything could be turned into your statement piece, ranging from your tissue paper holder to the towel rings. Since towel rings tend to be the most used items inside a bathroom, all your guests will notice your beautiful accent items neat the sink and admire them and the rest of the décor.
  • Shelves can also make for an excellent bathroom accent feature. They can boost storage space and allow you to add more functionality to this room of the house. Use your shelves to add an extra bronze accent if needed and make sure everything blends in perfectly and creates the desired visual effects.
  • Get the most precious bronze tile, liners or accents crafted in 100% solid bronze. Try to avoid getting tile or accents featuring plastics or plated resin by opting for high-quality Saint-Gaudens bronze elements.
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