At some point 70,000 years ago, the cognitive revolution began. Something shifted in our brain chemistry and suddenly, Homo sapiens could articulate a seemingly inexhaustible number of sounds.

The sounds, of course, had their limits, but combining them in new and unique ways to express countless meanings as possible. And so, our species evolved from ‘Watch out! A lion’ to ‘Watch out! There’s a lion prowling in the tall grass where the river turns at the willows!’ to ‘There is a lion, watch out!’ when there was in fact no lion.

Fast forward to modernity, and we have established a new form of expression – that of design. And trust us, design can tell countless stories with fairly limited materials. They seem overwhelming at first, but when you have probed the waters and seen for yourself, the amount total quickly begins to diminish.

Yet the meanings design carry seem to be perpetual – if done beautifully and truthfully. And so we come back to a simple truth – that design is enabling our species to express themselves in new and interesting ways.

Design: From Paintings to Web

And as we have been evolving – at least in the way we perceive beauty and express beauty, so have our methods changed completely. We have completely re-introduced the world we are familiar with and we have decided to push ourselves to the point where we create new and beautiful things – almost ethereal things online.

The Many Forms of Design: From Shape to Color

Our concepts of beauty have changed too – as we are very subjective species. In other words, our environment and collective myths shaped our perception of beauty. Whatever the myth we believe in – whether slimness or curviness equals beauty – for it to work, we tend to share it completely.

At some point in the Middle Ages, people just had to have a little more girth – it was good for fighting off immune diseases and common pests. It was also very good for childbirth, as a woman with broader hips could have an easier and less worrisome birth. But then, the age of Instagram has arrived and our perception of beauty has changed.

A new paradigm has been introduced – one where your life has to be interesting at least five times a day, with something new, unique and insightful happening to you all the time. Of course, this is a lie. But for it to work, you got to believe in your influencer.

You have to tune in and dig what they say, find it helpful or useful or a good way to escape from your everyday routine. But the truth is the life of an influencer is no more exciting than yours. In fact, your life is the most exciting one you will ever have.

Similar to the design, for something to work, you need to believe in it and pursue it not out of some shallow understanding of beauty, but out of a keenness for beauty.

The beauty of Design in the Smallest Details

You can see a job well done in the minutest detail, and that is actually very true. Whatever you do, wherever you are, you will always want to enjoy the beauty in your life. For example, when it comes to rekeying your door locksmith, you will call a professional company to do so.

As you go to this page you will expect the experts found there to do their job properly – no sudden and abrupt cuts, no botched rekeying. You see, even something as simple as changing your lock can be a work of art – in some sense.

At the very least, you can always make sure that the design used in something is up to the desired level. You see, the design is not just a subjective form of expression. It has universal expression, too, as it allows people – who perceive beauty the same way more or less – to share in the satisfaction of observing the design.

And so, today you have hundreds of designers’ expo dedicated to anything from paintings to animation, to pottery. The work that goes into creating beauty is in fact the work that makes us feel good.

Humans, despite all appearances, are not bent on destruction and depleting natural resources. There is a lot of beauty, too, which we need in our lives to make sure that we are actually moving forward and leaving something lasting after us.

Maybe the builders of the Pyramids didn’t get anything out of them – their names are unknown. All we know is the pharaoh’s name who was buried inside.

And yet – building and creating lands life meaning.

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