Bronze finish faucets in the bathroom or kitchen are classy elements that will add a lot of style and charm to any home. If you are looking forward to updating your fixtures and you need something gorgeous and unique, bronze is definitely something to consider. While stainless steel and chrome used to be the main points of attraction in terms of bathroom or kitchen finishes, the trends have changed during recent years. Bronze has gained a lot of ground for fixtures, finishes and hardware alike. Oil rubbed bronze or Venetian bronze are some of the most sought after solutions today. Your shower accessories, for example, could look marvellous and unique with a simple investment in some sturdy bronze pieces. You will not only enjoy the aesthetics of your bathroom or kitchen, but you will also make full use of your investment for many years to come.

Why Opt For Oil Rubbed Bronze Finishes For Your Bathroom?

  • You will enjoy a beautiful, antique look for your fixtures. Oil rubbed bronze finishes are the result of rubbing dark oil solutions on fixtures covered in copper. The respective solution is prone to lose its original design in time. Contrary to what you might think, this type of “damage” will actually add more charm and uniqueness to your fixtures. If you are looking for a charming antique look for your fixtures, bronze is just what you need. Ages bronze finishes find their inspiration in the Victorian Era, with origins in the Arts and Crafts movement.
  • Cleaning, maintenance and restoring are simple for this type of finish, so you have even more reasons to consider this option. Water and a clean, soft cloth are all you will need to keep your bronze fixtures dirt-free, shiny and beautiful. You could also opt for a homemade, natural cleaning solution. Mix some vinegar with water and you will manage to successfully clean stubborn water and soap stains. Steer clear from damaging chemicals, including bleach-based cleaners. The same goes for sponges that are too abrasive for your bronze finishes.
  • Bronze finishes are easy to restore. Dealing with damaged bronze fixtures in your bathroom is easier than you might think. Aged fixtures made of bronze can be effectively brought back to their original condition with the help of special wax that perfectly matches the initial colors. You can use DIY tutorials to learn how to effectively re-coat your bronze hardware, polish it using mineral oil and bring back the brightness and charm of your favorite bathroom and kitchen fixtures.
  • Bronze matches almost any color. No matter what shade or color your bathroom or kitchen cabinets/furniture might have, you should have no problem matching them with your oil rubbed bronze finishes. Neutral colors, as well as off white colors and grays appear to go well hand in hand with bronze.

How To Mix Bronze And Other Metal Finishes

Mixing gold, silver, and brass can create excellent visual effects in any home. This combo of shades and colors adds more depth to any space and creates a layered design with a unique texture. If you are a fan of antique furniture, using bronze, brass and gold together will allow you to get the natural look of a gradually aging door, wall or sink with zero efforts on your behalf.

Start by choosing a dominant color – bronze, if you are particularly interested in its effects on your bathroom or kitchen. Next, select one or more metal accents that will successfully effect the design you have in mind. Copper works well hand in hand with oil brushed bronze finishes inside a kitchen, invest in copper pots and other similar items that will add the accent you need. Stainless steel bathroom fixtures can be matched with vintage silver or bronze accents, while chrome furniture can be nicely matched with bronze or golden finishes.

Design Your Gaming Room With Bronze Finishes

If you plan on setting up your very own gaming room or you are a professional gambler looking to create a gambling room in your garage or a room inside your home, don’t be afraid to mix and match metals. You could decorate the space using Venetian Bronze for your hardware and finishes if you are aiming for an antique brown that can imitate the luxury and opulence inside the biggest casinos in Vegas. If you will be spending a lot of time playing online for real money in your new gaming room, make sure you design it with beautiful metal finishes to get into a winner’s mood every time you walk in.

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